Specialized Products

Visual access wherever you need it.

In harsh environments, hard-to-reach areas, and when operator safety, manpower and time is a concern, our RVI equipment is designed to aid you in fast and reliable inspections, whichever industry you are in.

Mentor Visual iQ with TrueSight
The first Portable High Definition, 3D Measurement-Enabled Video Borescope System
Mentor Visual iQ Video Borescope
Portable, connected VideoProbe from GE with 3D Phase Measurement.
XL Flex and XL Flex+ VideoProbes
Precise detection and faster inspections, Increase probability of detection (POD) with powerful illumination.
XL Detect and XL Detect+ Videoprobes
The high-end capabilities you need—without the high price. Lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use device.
XL Lv Utility Video Borescope
Equipped to handle a wide variety of remote visual inspection needs
XL Vu Versatile Video Borescope
A versatile VideoProbe that combines portability, lightweight but still has rugged durability and image quality for general-purposes.
Ca-Zoom PTZ 70
The Ca-Zoom PTZ 70 camera makes pipe inspections easier with high-resolution, portable image...
Ca-Zoom PTZ 100
The Ca-Zoom PTZ 100 features 10x optical and 4x digital zoom for up to 40x total zoom capability...
Ca-Zoom PTZ 140
Ideal for tank and vessel inspections, the PTZ Ca-Zoom 140 camera and Everest 6.2 digital...
Retired Video Borescopes
GE will continue to support the retired XLG3, XL Go+ and XL Vu+ video borescopes for a period of 5 years, through March, 2020.
Future Drive Electronic Engine Turning Tool
Improve turbine engine visual inspection efficiency with automated engine rotation
InspectionWorks Connect – Real-Time Remote Inspection
Remote Collaboration for Inspection Industry
Rhythm Visual Suite – Remove Visual Inspection Software
Software suite melding image acquisition, review and data management tools for Remote Visual Inspection
Borescope Adapter for Mentor Visual iQ
Adapt rigid borescopes and flexible fiberscopes to the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe
Mentor Visual iQ LongSteer
MViQ LongSteer is an accessory for MViQ Borescope that provides users the flexibility to inspect...
Rigid Borescopes, Flexible Fiberscopes and Light Sources for Visual Inspection
A family of flexible fiberscopes and rigid borescopes available in various diameters and lengths

Professional Services

Keeps your operations going

Product Training

If you are new to technology and interested in how it benefits you, our product training can give you a hands-on experience.

Calibration Service

Calibration is important as periodic maintenance for pinpoint measurement accuracy to ensure the safety and performance of your assets.

Repair Service

If you have faulty or damaged equipment, you can rent a temporary replacement from us while it is sent for repair in our Singapore OEM service centre.

Inspection Service

Our team will understand your inspection requirements  and provide you with the acquired visuals or video in the form of an inspection report

Equipment Financing Solutions

Find the solution that suits you best

Our flexible financing options are designed to suit your needs. Working in partnership with GE, we offer technologically advanced remote imaging solutions and hope to promote its advantages across a wide scope of industry applications.

Find the ideal financial and equipment solution for your purpose:

  • Financial Schemes
  • Long-term Leasing
  • Trade-ins