Ca-Zoom PTZ 100

The Ca-Zoom PTZ 100 features 10x optical and 4x digital zoom for up to 40x total zoom capability and is suitable for unmanned area inspections such as tanks, vessels and nuclear applications.

The PTZ camera series include interchangeable camera heads that come in three diameter sizes. It also features lighting, image capture, video recording, file management, comparison measurement, annotation, and 36x optical and 12x digital zoom capabilities.

Pricing available upon request
Features & Benefits

Ca-Zoom PTZ 100

Incorporates a 10x optical with a 4 x digital for a 40x total zoom capability. Additionally, the Ca-Zoom PTZ 100 camera is equipped with four 5-watt LED lights offered with wide and narrow beam spreads.

PTZ Camera Control Unit 6.2

Portable, case-mounted, or rack-mounted camera controller allows still image or full-motion video capture. The controller runs a real-time, multitasking software operating system which supports file storage on internal memory and CompactFlash removable storage media. Includes connectors for camera, two handheld controllers, video input/output and keyboard for text generation. Comparison measurement, PC remote control and re-measurement software are also available.

PTZ 100 Specifications

  • Camera Module: 10x Optical (4x digital) Zoom
  • High-Performance Lighting: Spot or flood illumination available. Turbo lamp mode: 11 W total
  • Tilt Capability Mechanical: 340˚ total (+/-170˚) Optical wide-angle: 256˚ total (+/-128˚) Optical tele-zoom: 280˚ total (+/-140˚)
  • Slip-Clutch Mechanism: Prevents internal damage to pan and tilt components
  • Pan Capability: 354˚ total (+ / – 177˚)
  • Unitized Connectors: Heavy-duty underwater connector with steel keyway for safe alignment
  • Pressurized Purge Valve: Check pressure integrity
  • Lightweight: Anodized aluminium housing