Specialized Products

Visual access wherever you need it.

In harsh environments, hard-to-reach areas, and when operator safety, manpower and time is a concern, our RVI equipment is designed to aid you in fast and reliable inspections, whichever industry you are in.

Our remote imaging solutions include video borescopes, PTZ cameras and fiberscopes in various diameter sizes and lengths, plus accompanying software and other accessories. Crystal clear imaging, greater inspection coverage, faster operational decisions, early fault detection and optimized performance – RVI technology’s flexibility can be applied anywhere, from inspecting aircraft engines, to factory and utility pipes, to water tanks, mainline sewers and more.

Find out how you can utilize RVI technology in-field affordably and effectively with our financing solutions and product support.

Borescope Adapter for Mentor Visual iQ
Adapt rigid borescopes and flexible fiberscopes to the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe
Mentor Visual iQ LongSteer
MViQ LongSteer is an accessory for MViQ Borescope that provides users the flexibility to inspect objects up to 30 metres away, while maintaining image quality and point-to-point inspection of the original MViQ instrument.
Rigid Borescopes, Flexible Fiberscopes and Light Sources for Visual Inspection
A family of flexible fiberscopes and rigid borescopes available in various diameters and lengths