Professional Services

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Product Training

If you are new to technology and interested in how it benefits you, our product training can give you a hands-on experience.

Our training programmes generally cover equipment setup and care, features and usage (such as positioning of probe, imagery and video management, menu directed inspection), and a hands-on practice session. Our team of experts will ensure you are well-trained to operate the equipment to maximum effect on-field, so you can reduce downtime and increase operational efficiency.

Contact us to discuss more on your training needs.

Calibration Service

The accuracy of your equipment will shift over time as it undergoes tough industrial use. Calibration is important as periodic maintenance for pinpoint measurement accuracy to ensure the safety and performance of your assets.

As a licensed partner with GE, you can trust that our high-quality calibration services will get your equipment back in prime operating condition.

Contact us to discuss more on your calibration needs.

Repair Service

If you have faulty or damaged equipment, you can rent a temporary replacement from us while it is sent for repair so there is zero disruption to operations. Repairs are carried out in our Singapore OEM service centre.

After examining the equipment, our service team will let you know if a repair is adequate, or if an entire replacement or spare parts (such as probe tips, circuit board, batteries) are necessary. We will provide you the repair quote and diagnostic report.

To place a request for repair of GE RVI equipment and equipment rental, contact us here.

Inspection Service

Some companies might find that they have certain projects which benefit greatly from RVI technology, but only require visual inspections on a one-time or few-times basis. In cases like these, we can assist you with inspection services for your needed purpose, be it fault detection or providing visuals for an otherwise inaccessible area.

Our team will understand your inspection requirements before carrying out accordingly and provide you with the acquired visuals or video in the form of an inspection report at the end. If it is within our field of expertise, we will also offer recommendations on possible solutions.

If you have a project which requires versatile visual inspection technology, or would like more information on how it can benefit you, we are open to assist.