Equipment Financing Solutions

Find the solution that suits you best

Our flexible financing options are designed to suit your needs. Working in partnership with GE, we offer technologically advanced remote imaging solutions and hope to promote its advantages across a wide scope of industry applications.

Because we understand that investing in equipment can be an expensive choice to make, we want to make sure you get the most feasible plan to perform at your best. Whether you are looking at buying, rent-to-own or a trade-in, we can help you find the ideal financial and equipment solution for your purpose.

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This fits you if:

Inspections are a regular part of your company’s operations, having your own equipment ultimately saves you more money in the long term with no contractual restrictions.

How you benefit:

Our RVI equipment is stocked direct from the GE factory. If you are looking for equipment of the latest technologies to stay ahead in performance, you can find it in our product range. What makes owning your equipment flexible is our Trade-in programme, in which you can upgrade your used equipment later at a discounted rate. Besides this, our rental solution ensures you are always in operation while our repair team fixes up your equipment back in working condition.

Browse our RVI product list to find a suitable equipment, or Contact us if you need help for an equipment solution.

Lease/ Rent to Own

This fits you if:

You wish to try out new or the latest equipment to make sure it suits your needs ideally before committing to an upfront purchase.

How you benefit:

Our Rent-to-Own solution lets you rent the equipment for use while still enabling the option to buy later at a cheaper cost. This way, you can mitigate the financial risk of making a large investment on a new equipment and still gain a cost-effective advantage at the end. Your budget is also freed up during the rental period with our instalment payments, allowing you to invest your money elsewhere while you decide if the equipment is a right fit for you.

To learn more about our Rent-to-Own option, contact us here.


This fits you if:

As an existing customer with us, you wish to upgrade your used GE equipment to new or more advanced units, which we can offer at a discounted rate.

How you benefit:

Our Trade-in solution saves you money on new technology upgrades and eliminates the risk of obsolete equipment. With this, improving your inspection performance and capabilities by staying on top of the technological edge is possible without as large an investment.

If you are an existing customer seeking a better way to improve inspection efficiency and capability, we can advise you on the latest RVI equipment and offer cost-effective options for trade-in.