3d Measurements Training Services

The Creaform Campus is a centre of expertise that provides training services for the company. It offers complete training packages including theory, written exercises, hands-on practice and manuals.

All the Creaform Campus trainers have been certified following a rigorous internal training program. When they are not teaching, they work as applications specialists assigned to actual metrology projects. In other words, they use the measurement devices and software they are teaching about on a daily basis, which makes them acutely aware of their students’ needs and challenges.

Creaform’s training sessions cover a wide array of metrology-related topics and they can take place at a Creaform office, at your own place, or at any other venue you choose. Plus, the format is very flexible:<?

  • Difficulty level: basic, advanced, expert sessions, based on students’ experience
  • Theory and practice components: tailored to clients’ specific needs and projects
  • Duration: varies based on topics addressed, student learning capacity or clients’ requirements
  • Multilingual: available in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese
  • In-business support

  • Metrology (GD&T, QC / inspection)
  • Probing measurement (PCMM, CMM arms)
  • 3D scanning measurement (short-range / and long-range scanners)
  • Reverse engineering
  • Data processing and quality control/inspection software