Automated quality control now accessible to all!

VXscan-R is an offline programming software that enables non-experts in 3D scanning or robotics to obtain optimal dimensional measurements in the shortest cycle time.

With VXscan-R’s scanning intelligence and dedicated functions, programming robot paths, and optimizing the line of sight and scanning speed become simple and easy, simplifying the deployment of automated quality control systems.

VXscan-R is the key to more efficient robotic cell management, solving programming and security issues and helping non-experts feel more confident when working with robotic systems.

What can VXscan-R offer you?


With VXscan-R, anyone, regardless of previous experience in 3D scanning or robotics, can program robots and operate them with ease and confidence.


VXscan-R’s offline programming capability avoids monopolizing cell time while giving access to a complete environment for program preparation and simulation.


VXscan-R offers perfect integration of robot path planning, scan parameter adjustment, and smart resolution capability for optimal scanning results and cycle time.


With no fixed configurations, VXscan-R is compatible with a variety of different cell layouts and robots.

STEP 1 : Choose your robotic cell

You can opt for a complete turnkey solution with CUBE-R or your own personalized robotic cell compatible with VXscan-R. Configure your robotic cell by import the CAD files of your preferred safety enclosure, turntable, by defining the C-Track position, calibration trajectories, etc.

  • Highly flexible software platform for configurable layout
  • Complete project validation (robot reachability, collision detection, etc.)

STEP 2 : Program the robot

VXscan-R uses CAD models to create the optimal sensor positions for surface inspection. Users can pick surfaces, edges, or points on the CAD model for automatic path generation or program the robot path manually with the jog feature while VXscan-R is detecting singularities and avoiding collisions.

  • CAD alignment
  • Parametric programming with surface, edge, point picking
  • Jog feature

STEP 3:  Simulate + Validate

Using realistic simulations, VXscan-R generates robot paths free of collisions and singularities, which are optimized for the scanner’s characteristics.

  • Scan simulation
  • Connection to robot
  • Collision detection and avoidance
  • Program execution

STEP 4: Measure

VXscan-R guides shopfloor operators in the execution of their tasks when measuring parts.

  • Automatic photogrammetry
  • 3D scanning with automatic mesh generation
  • Smart resolution capability
  • Hold and resume programs

STEP 5 : Transfer to inspection software

Perfect for standardization, VXscan-R is compatible with leading inspection software products.

  • VXinspect
  • Polyworks
  • Metrolog X4

More than just robot programming software, VXscan-R Plan is a complete environment for project preparation while VXscan-R Execute is the program suite for work execution.

VXscan-R Plan l Complete module for project preparation, simulation, and validation

VXscan-R Plan enables automated quality control professionals to import CAD, configure scanning parameters, create robot paths, simulate scans, and export simulations to metrology software.

VXscan-R Execute l Intuitive user interface for shop-floor operators

VXscan-R Execute enables operators to import part parameters, start the measuring program, and change parts when the robot has returned to its home position.