Everest Ca-Zoom HD Camera and Innovation Case

Everything you need for confident inspections. All in one box.

When you’re performing complicated inspections, accuracy is everything. Well, maybe not quite everything. It would be nice to have some extra convenience, too. Meet the Everest Ca-Zoom HD. With its new all-in-one transport box, it’s the alternative to lugging around two heavy pieces of equipment — giving you power and convenience at the same time.

  • Eliminate additional onsite equipment logistics with the all-in-one transport box.
  • Reduce trips to and from job sites with the lightweight controller and handheld.
  • Simplify device operation with the most intuitive UI/UX.
  • Deliver accurate results faster with the latest inspection software update.
  • Capture stills from your inspections in real time with the new frame grabber.
  • Get full HD-quality resolution from every direction with pan-tilt camera capabilities.
  • The handheld control pendant allows an inspector to move freely during the inspection, making accessing the inspection space easier and less logistic burden.
  • The HD camera delivers crystal clear images in full HD resolution. Especially in confined spaces, light output of a camera is a critical factor for good image quality. With 4 integrated LEDs with a total of 80W power will lighten the darkness, even at great distances.
  • The all-in-one wheeled transport box makes traveling and setup at the inspection site easy. At 22 kilograms, the transport box is easily handled by one person and includes everything you do to perform the inspection.