Everest Mentor Flex VideoProbe™

Prepare for a more predictable future.

Powered by InspectionWorks and dual-band Wi-Fi to make inspections consistent and efficient, the Everest Mentor Flex VideoProbe™ supports wireless file transfers and video streaming to iOS devices, resulting in improved efficiency and flexibility on the job. And no matter what the future holds, easy wireless upgrades and planned software releases guarantee you’ll be equipped for what’s in store.

  • Virtual keyboard for faster annotation
  • Multi-point touchscreen allows pinch-to-zoom and swipe-and-pan gesture functionality.
  • Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) improves efficiency with auto-tagging and automatic report generation. so inspectors can consistently deliver results with confidence.
  • Responsive and powerful articulation
  • Upgraded articulation design founded on high-power steering motors.
  • Stereo and comparison measurement interface for accurate and precise defect assessment.
  • Light, portable, and ergonomic design.
  • Constructed with military-grade magnesium housing (MIL-STD) and tested by a third party to withstand the rigors of the industrial workplace,
  • Wireless video streaming and data transfer to iOS devices powered by InspectionWorks.
    Suitable industries :
    Aerospace, Energy, Oil & Gas, Research & Development,
    F&B, Pharmaceutical, Wind Power, Process Industries, Power Generation
    water treatment plants, military and defence sectors.