NEW 3.0 mm USB probe

The new 3.0mm 4-way articulation probe offers USB connectivity with your video borescope’s system, providing a cost-effective solution that brings you into the world of small-diameter video borescope.

  • Easy interchangeability. The 3.0 mm diameter probe can be interchanged easily with other MViQ system probes, making our system the first in the industry to offer true small probe interchangeability.
  • Lower cost of ownership. Like all of our MViQ interchangeable probes, if damage occurs, repair or replace only the damaged probe—a much more costeffective solution than repairing or replacing an entire fixed probe system
  • Full featured. With our new small diameter probes, you get all of the high-end features you expect from your MViQ system, including
    – Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) for increased productivity during and after the inspection—with smart data tagging and automatic report generation
    – InspectionWorks Connect for remote view and control capability from a tablet and real-time video collaboration anytime, anywhere