The LongSteerTM probe is designed to overcome the unique challenges of a wide variety of application inspections. It provides high quality images, light output and clear communication at lengths up to 30 meters.  The LongSteerTM probe is available in 18 and 30 metre lengths..

  • Designed with QuickChange probe and standard iQ system
  • LongSteer Probe with 10mm umbilical reel connection
  • Integrated slip ring steel design
  • Single integrated joystick
  • Standard Mentor iQ User Interface
  • Availabe in 18m and 30m lengths
  • 100 – 150 PSIG air supply pressure
  • LongSteer Case for secure storage of the handset, LongSteer Probe pod, 30m Probe reel, batteries, power cord and accessories
  • Ideal for :
    Oil & Gas
    power generation applications
    Heat exchangers
    Glass Lined Tubes and Vessels
    Nuclear power plants>br>Boiler Headers
    Process plants
    Pharmaceutical, food & beverage items