Menu Directed Inspection (MDI)

Waygate Technologies Menu Directed Inspection (MDI), is the first software tool to standardize the inspection process in the NDT industry. An XL Go or XLG3 VideoProbe system operating MDI software helps guide inspectors through the inspection process and intelligently auto-generates a report—saving time, improving quality, and increasing productivity.

Reporting time is decreased up to 70% thanks to the increased speed and easier data sharing. Errors are also reduced with the software’s guidance, taking the hassle out of data management and increasing consistent reporting.

  • Standardized Inspection List
  • Consistent Reporting
  • Data Management
  • Remote Expert
  • DICONDE Format (Digital Imaging and Communications for NDE)
  • Decrease reporting time upto 70%
  • Increase speed and ease of sharing data
  • Reduce errors with guided inspections
  • Eliminates post inspection reporting with “click-to-report”
  • Export data compatible with Waygate Technologies’ Rhythm® software—a powerful NDT data management platform