Rhythm Visual Software

Combines advanced image acquisition, review and data management tools for Remote Visual Inspection. Its advanced data sharing capabilities allow significant improvements in productivity and enable faster identification of quality problems, leading to reduced production defects or better in-service asset management.

  • Create Meaningful Visual Inspection Reports with Just a Few Clicks of a Mouse. Easier reporting can provide inspection time savings of up to 20%.
  • Eliminate Post-Inspection Consolidation of Images and Hand-Written Inspection Data.  Record data as you go in a legible, computer-generated form.
  • Correlate RVI Images and Data Precisely with Specific Assets and Components Being Inspected. Information can be stored in databases in a form to facilitate future database searches.
  • Standardise Reporting of Inspection Data to Allow Better Decision-Making. Information is presented in a form that is easy to understand, allowing fast historical comparison and meaningful comparison of reports from different inspectors.
  • Make More Intelligent Use Of Inspection Data. Standardized reports can contain measurement data to allow their use in condition-based maintenance programs, moving RVI from a qualitative to a quantitative inspection technique.
  • E-Mail Data to Interested Third Parties. Up-loaded data can be used for review at a remote quality control location or can be sent to provide client/management confidence in inspection procedures.
  • Grow the System To Suit Your Needs.
    As the software architecture is scalable and the system is modular, it can be expanded to meet future requirements. And DICONDE compliance ensures that your data will never become obsolete.