RVI Probe Tips

A comprehensive selection of optical tips, light sources, tools, adaptors, and accessories designed to help you get the most out of your video borescope. Deploying the proper accessory for the job can ensure inspections are performed properly, ergonomically, and efficiently.

  • Waygate Technologies RVI Probe Tips, come in a A variety of sizes ranging from 3.9mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.1mm, 6.2mm, and 8.4mm. The probe tips are color coded to help you easily identify them. There are four main types of tips: Standard, StereoProbe, 3D Phase and ShadowProbe Measurement. All probe tip types come with forward and side views. Field of View (FOV) capabilities vary depending on each tip but come in a variety, from 40° to 120°.
  • Different Depths of Field (DOF) are available ranging in distances from 1 mm to infinity, with larger tips allowing for greater versatility compared to smaller tips. When working in dark areas, larger tips will provide more light for your inspections. The main handsets that work with Waygate probe tips include the Mentor Visual IQ (now in HD), XL Detect, Everest Mentor Flex, XL Lv, XL Vu, XLG3, XLGO+, and XLGO. All Waygate Technologies probe tip sizes that fit the Mentor Visual iQ will work with its latest high definition features.
    3.9mm tips & StereoProbe Measurement tips
    4.0mm tips & StereoProbe Measurement tips
    6.1mm tips & StereoProbe Measurement tips
    6.1mm 3D Phase Measurement tips
    6.2mm tips & StereoProbe Measurement tips
    8.4mm tip & StereoProbe Measurement tips