RVI VideoProbe accessories

Waygate Technologies’ VideoProbes give you the highest image quality and measurement capability on your visual inspection device so you can be confident your inspections are thorough and accurate. To compliment the most advanced line of VideoProbes in the industry, we offer a comprehensive selection of optical tips and accessories so you can get the most out of your video borescope. We understand that performing a video borescope inspection requires a skilled technician putting in long hours in sometimes challenging environments. Deploying the proper accessory for the job can ensure inspections are performed properly, ergonomically, and efficiently.

VideoProbe accessories guide

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  1. Tip tools
  2. Non-articulating guide tubes
  3. Mechanical guide tubes
  4. Dekoron bendable guide tubes
  5. Cooling sleeves
  6. Rigidizers (Gripper included)
  7. Rigidizer kits
  8. Gripper
  9. Hands-free mounting
  10. Measurement verification blocks
  11. Batteries and power supplies
  12. Shipping and storage