Remote Visual Inspection Solutions Singapore | RVI Inspection & Equipments

We provide sales, financial solutions and ongoing support of RVI (Remote Visual Inspection) equipment in partnership with Waygate Technologies a Baker Hughes business.

Waygate’s RVI equipment supports companies industrywide in their site inspection performance. With it, you can inspect enclosed spaces, measure and analyse material integrity in remote safety and in real-time.

Simple, fast and efficient, RVI technology is a rapidly-growing cornerstone in inspection applications worldwide. RVI equipment has huge potential as an industry-standard practice and is largely used in Aviation where minimum downtime, uncompromised safety and regulations compliance are crucial to business operations. Waygate’s RVI products also serve the pharmaceutical, water treatment plants, education, Research & Development, Food & Beverage, military and defence sectors.

We aim to advance the knowledge of RVI equipment and offer its benefits to companies through our unique services.