Monitoring multiple objects in 3D space and time is now simple and easy!

VXtrack is a dynamic tracking module that enables production and process engineers to obtain the position and orientation of multiple objects in time and space. Because measurements are taken simultaneously and accurately, VXtrack can easily control displacements, drive assembly processes, and measure deformations.

Thanks to the simplicity of optical tracking, VXtrack is ideal for numerous applications, including calibrating and guiding robots, monitoring complex assembly processes, and compensating for both machine tool positioning errors throughout manufacturing and deformations during testing.


VXtrack is a customizable, easy-to-use dynamic control software that requires little training. Moreover, the interface of the 3D tracking software can be fully adapted to each client’s specific application and special needs.


Easily integrated into client processes, VXtrack offers direct feedback, which means that decision-making becomes more effective, saving precious time for operators, who gain efficiency during the entire process.


Capable of tracking multiple objects simultaneously, the optical tracking software can measure a set of reflectors with 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) precision, capturing both the position and orientation.

  • Assembly control and monitoring
  • Deformation monitoring (wings, landing gears, and tires)

  • Movement monitoring on running parts (engine, exhaust, and wheels)
  • Dynamic process control (doors and hood closing)
  • Deformation monitoring (chassis and seats)
  • Crash test preparation (prepositioning)

  • On-site calibration and assessment
  • Real-time course correction
  • Computerized guidance of assemblie

  • Rate of up to 6,600 3D points per second
  • 6 DOF measuring (position and orientation) of a rigid set of reflectors
  • Synchronous measurement of the reflector set
  • Measuring volume from 9.1 to 16.6 m3 (320 to 586 ft3)
  • One unique system for 3D inspection and 3D dynamic measurement
  • Real-time curve display in VXelements
  • Export to .csv format
  • API for interfacing with third-party applications
  • Acquisition synchronization capability through external trigger input



9.1 m3 16.6 m3 9.1 m3 16.6 m3
Measurement rate (reflectors/s) Up to 6,600 Up to 6,600
Repeatability 0.013 mm
(0.0005 in)
0.020 mm
(0.0008 in)
0.010 mm
(0.0004 in)
0.015 mm
(0.0006 in)
Volumetric accuracy 0.068 mm
(0.0026 in)
0.100 mm
(0.004 in)
0.050 mm
(0.002 in)
0.075 mm
(0.003 in)