Integration Of Metrology And Scanning Technologies In Engineering And Production Environment

As expert users of several cutting-edge portable 3D measurement solutions, we know that the seamless integration of scanning technologies in your business is key to your success. We are committed to fully understanding and fulfilling your needs, and help you improve your processes and maximize your investment. Our knowledgeable production-oriented application experts will work closely with our development team to design the perfect integration plan for your business. This can take the form of metrology integration in engineering processes or 3D scanning for production environments. We will make sure that our 3D measurement technologies can be merged to your line of work seamlessly and efficiently.

Our knowledgeable production-oriented applications experts will work closely with our development team to design the perfect integration plan for your business. This will ensure that our 3D measurement technology can be merged to your work processes seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Integration of metrology and scanning technologies in engineering processes and production environment
  • Development of custom application and user interface
  • Development and implementation of integration strategies
  • Writing of application capabilities and specifications manuals
  • On-site counselling and integration process

  • Pre-project support including scope of work
  • Complete management and support throughout the project
  • Software and mechanical development, creation of training documents (e.g. user manuals, procedures, training scripts)
  • Commissioning, including installation and testing on-site
  • After-Sales technical support handled by the Creaform Customer support line
  • Added value with software usage simplification, shorter learning curve and lesser training duration
  • Applications comprise: quality control, reverse engineering, non-destructive testing

Creaform offers automated metrology solutions featuring the MetraSCAN 3D-R.

Combining Creaform’s advanced 3D measurement technologies with the expertise of recognized robotic and automation integrators ensures the smooth integration of automated at-line and in-line inspection processes.

  • Integration of 3D technologies on-site
  • Implementation of measurement technologies
  • Turnkey solution (at-line metrology station)
  • Customer part programming offer
  • Inspection report
  • Custom application development
  • Fixture design available
  • Advanced 3D technologies
  • On-Site counselling
  • Support for inspection simulation
  • Assistance with robot cell design
  • 3D measurement technological integration
  • Mounting on all robot models with rotary axis or linear axis
  • C-track volume extension (C-link) for large part inspection (up to four C-track)
  • On-site scanner installation, start-up and training by Creaform application engineers
  • Customer inspection reports
  • Custom application development
  • Fixture design