Midori ULB-35 UV Fiber-Optic LED Light Source (ELS-50LEDUV)

The Mentor Visual iQ Video Borescope, combined with a UV light source, integral quartz light fibers and correct UV optics and filters, presents the optimal solution for fluorescent penetrant inspections. This solution delivers maximum UV light levels, with low reflection, and the ability to access small remote areas of equipment.

    • Ultra Compact – Small Footprint Takes Very Little Space
    • Energy Efficient – Increased Light Intensity Coupled Into Small Fibers at Lower Wattage Operation
    • Electronic Dimming – High Dynamic Range for Intensity Control
    • Lightweight – Exceptional Portability (1lb./0.45kgs.)
    • External Power Supply – Utility for Both AC and DC Operation
    • Long Life – Less Maintenance and No Lamp Replacement Costs
    • Low Noise – Both Electrical EMI and Audible Sound
    • Made in USA

Suitable industries :

  • Industrial NDT Inspection
  • Borescopy
  • Microscopy
  • Remote Visual Inspection
  • Fiberscopes
  • Flexible Videoscopes
  • Industrial Fiber-Optics