Visual Inspection is the most performed inspection type in Oil & Gas industry – 80% of all inspection are VT. For documentation and reporting purposes the inspector uses camera and video footage. Today’s cameras make it possible to safely and remotely inspect most hard to reach locations. The camera is typically mounted on a pole to reach the location of interest. Using the FAST RVI, the reach and precision of these inspections are greatly increased.

REMOTE INSPECTION​ – The FAST RVI allows the operator to access areas that cannot be inspected by humans or the “camera on a pole” approach, with better coverage, including behind baffles and other obstacles.

safety – Eliminate human entry in confined spaces and perform the inspection from a safe & remote location. Avoiding confined space entry is a potential life saving action.

adaptable & modular – The platform can be easily adapted to most PTZ cameras on the market. For our customers this means they can use the equipment they already own.